Why you need an hour photoshoot

One of the most typical responses I get from potential clients is that ‘I don’t need a one hour photoshoot‘ or ‘my child can’t handle an entire hour.

Yes you do and yes they can.

I have had the pleasure of having thousands of clients, shooting thousands of family sessions, with children of all ages, literally days old to college students. Sessions of all ages with people that have numerous difficulties, disabilities, and attention disorders, and each and every one of those sessions was at least one hour long.

I know that 60 minutes seems like a lot of time, especially for a little one, but time and time again families, particularly with babies and toddlers thank me for taking the extra time, even going over the hour session to get different locations, poses, and simply loosening their littles up by playing games, having props, and of course even getting splashed!

When working with children a good chunk of time is spent allowing them to get comfortable with me, my camera, props, and their surroundings. As most babies and toddlers are experiencing the sand and ocean for the first time, let alone someone having a fancy camera in their face, it can take a bit to get to used it all. Which is perfectly natural, and one of the specific reasons that I need one hour to get all of the pictures that you are wanting to have for holiday cards, canvas prints, and gifts.

We do a lot during an hour session from moving to different locations on the beach, sitting down, standing up, smiling, giggling, moving close to the ocean, then going to the dunes, even doing some funny faces, and jumping up and down. It is impossible to do it all in a session under 60 minutes. (This is especially true if anyone needs a bathroom break, or if you want pictures on a boardwalk, pier, or a location that is not simply ‘on the beach’.) Even if you do your session entirely on the sand there are so many different areas to take pictures, and there are dozens of poses the family, along with each member can do to get completely unique and special pictures.

While I understand that it might seem scary to think of trying to keep a little one entertained and happy for 60 minutes do not worry about it–that is my job. If you follow my tips and tricks, read my frequently asked questions page, and take just a few steps before your session, I promise that we will use every single minute in our hour session and you will receive absolutely beautiful pictures that you and your children will treasure for decades to come.

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