A Fun Florida Photoshoot

Selene is such fun photographer friend who I finally got to meet this weekend in Florida. She, nor I are from Florida, but we gathered together with a group of photographers to meet one of our fellow photographers, Rebecca Rice. It was a brilliant weekend, filled with giggles, smiles, warm conversation, and beautiful scenery.

While I will be sharing more about my fun time in Florida I had to share these wonderful headshots of Selene! Selene owns Amor Bello Photography based in San Antonio, Texas.

Selene is from Texas, she loves coffee, and is an amazing mother! She lives outside of San Antonio and just is one of the sweetest spirits. She was up for every adventure I proposed, from morning beach walks to near midnight bike rides through town. She is also an awesome mother, since on that near midnight bike ride we had to find her daughter a gift before leaving!

If the thought ever crosses your mind that you might need headshots it is a sign that you definitely need them! They are so handy for everything from email signatures, business cards, profile pictures and more.
I cannot wait to share more about my lovely trip to Florida’s west coast. Don’t worry I’m back in Myrtle Beach–so if you are on the Grand Strand for vacation I’m ready to capture those wonderful beach memories for you. Contact me today!

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