Why you should get up early on vacation

I know that most people love to laze around and slowly wake up while on vacation from work and school–I certainly do! But today I hope to convince you to get up early one day of your special trip to get an early morning photoshoot.

Trust me, I hate getting up early, especially when I’m trying to relax away from home, but there is no better time for a photoshoot. I do tons of sessions in the evenings, or even as late as 9:00 or 10:00am, but for the comfort of you, the client, I urge you to do an early morning photoshoot. This does not mean sunrise–although if you want something truly unique and special they are spectacular to do, but if you can’t get the whole crew in agreement for a pre-dawn wakeup call, early mornings are still excellent.

Why are early morning photoshoots the best? Simply put the sun. If you have squinters, or even anyone that sweats, the early morning, particularly through June, July, and August is the best time to have open eyes, no sweat stains, and more. Here are a few more reasons that early mornings are excellent for a photoshoot:

-Less People will be on the beach.
-The temperature will be between 10-20 degrees cooler compared to a later session.
-Less Traffic on the roads.
-Typically less wind, so not as much concern for the wind blown hair.
-Bonus, you get the session done and have the rest of the day and night for other plans!

I will never pressure a person to choose to do an early morning session–but it is always an option. (If you have kids, particularly little ones this seems to be a happy and easier time for them to focus on getting pictures.)

So what time do I suggest for an early morning session? Between 6:30 and 7:30am for the start time. By the time the session is over, there will be huge crowds on the beach, the sun will be quite hot, and everyone will be ready to head back to the hotel to get in their bathing suits!

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I love to write about the good things happening in my community!

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