The Brice Family

One thing I LOVE about my job is meeting people and forming friendships. While I might only see a family once or twice a year, after multiple years, you build a relationship-the kids remember your favorite color, your pets name, you remember the parents job, their worries and their wins. It is a beautiful thing. That is what I have with the Brice Family.

I’ve known the Brice Family for three years, every vacation we’ve had a family photoshoot, and each year the family has grown to include cousins, aunts, uncles, and even grandparents. What started as a tight knit family of three has grown into a family reunion with the entire gang.

I’ve been able to see Ella go from doing a simple cartwheel to being on her way to Olympic Gymnastics. I’ve seen Staci and Bob’s love grow not only for each other, and their family, but their community as well.

When I say that clients turn into friends, this is what I mean, it is my greatest honor to see this beautiful family grow, change, and enjoy their annual beach trip together!

Published by Lindsay

I love to write about the good things happening in my community!

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