Hi, I’m Lindsay. I am passionate about helping you create memories and moments through my photography. This is where I tell the stories behind the sessions. Contact me at lindsayhickmanphotos.com

Mistletoe & Memories

Each year people desperately want mini sessions, but as I tell them I only do mini sessions two times a year: Doodle Day in April and Santa Mini Sessions in October. Why do I do this? Simple, when I do mini sessions I like to not only do them to put smiles on clients faces,Continue reading “Mistletoe & Memories”

The Brice Family

One thing I LOVE about my job is meeting people and forming friendships. While I might only see a family once or twice a year, after multiple years, you build a relationship-the kids remember your favorite color, your pets name, you remember the parents job, their worries and their wins. It is a beautiful thing.Continue reading “The Brice Family”

A Fun Florida Photoshoot

Selene is such fun photographer friend who I finally got to meet this weekend in Florida. She, nor I are from Florida, but we gathered together with a group of photographers to meet one of our fellow photographers, Rebecca Rice. It was a brilliant weekend, filled with giggles, smiles, warm conversation, and beautiful scenery. WhileContinue reading “A Fun Florida Photoshoot”


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